Swimming : A Pleasant Way to Keep Fit

Swimming is an enjoyable sport for all ages . You can start your little toddler of six months and above to learn the technique of keeping afloat, overcome the fear of water and eventually be a very good swimmer as he grows.  Even if you are an adult it is never too late to learn how to swim. Many classes are available for all ages worldwide.


 Swimming as a Fun Sport

Swimming, being an aerobic activity helps burn calories, tighten muscles, keeps the heart healthy and pumping. It is a really fun sport which can be enjoyed by the whole family together.When you on summer vacation what could be more relaxing than being at the beach or poolside. Swimming is fun and yet has so many advantages on your health, burns calories depending on how long you swim, keeps the kids active and prevents obesity, its a sport that you can enjoy for a lifetime. No age restriction !!!!


Swimming Strokes and their Benefits


Breaststroke: The Breaststroke is the one that is taught to beginners. Once you have mastered this technique , the breaststroke helps burn calories and therefore keeps your weight in control to enjoy a good quality of life by keeping healthy.


Backstroke: The backstroke is the only swimming stroke that you swim on your back. This swimming stroke is very not a very fast but it is excellent for your back.


Butterfly Stroke: The Butterfly Stroke is a very powerful and tiring stroke to swim and its also known to be the most difficult one to learn. But once you have mastered this  swimming stroke , it can be really fun. This is a very challenging swimming technique and it has an advantage on the back and lower limb muscles.


Freestyle Stroke: The Freestyle Stroke is the fastest swimming stroke. Once mastered its very graceful and has many benefits. This swimming stroke will strengthen and tone your muscles. Freestyle Stroke swimming is a total workout for your muscles.



In conclusion swimming has many health benefits and a wonderful yet fun way to keep your weight in control, strengthen your muscles, improve your sleep, good for your heart and lungs, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is sure to improve your mood. Swimming is not a costly sport and once you learn the technique you will be able to swim all your life.

I suggest, if you not a swimmer, register for swimming lessons for your entire family and enjoy the benefits of one of the most enjoyable and lovable sport to keep you slim, healthy and well toned.


Advantage of Nuts and Their Nutritional Values

Generally Nuts are nutritious snacks for example Peanuts, Almonds , Cashew Nuts , Walnuts , Pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, Macadamia , Pistachios , Hazelnuts etc.


Nutritional Benefits of Nuts.



Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats and they are a good source of Vitamin E Protein and Manganese. Peanuts are very good for health in general and can be found in different forms e.g. Peanut Butter., Salted Roasted Nuts etc.



Almonds are a good source of Vitamin E and Calcium and protein. The Vitamin E will improve your skin and the Calcium will improve your bones. Almonds should be eaten with the skin preferably to keep all the nutrients intact.


Cashew Nuts

Cashews are rich in Magnesium and Protein. They help in improving memory loss which is caused by aging.They also reduce the risk of Heart disease.



Walnuts contain an antioxidant which can combat cancer. Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 which is essential for the body and lowers the risk of heart disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis can benefit with the intake of Omega 3 which helps lessen the stiffness and joint pains. Walnuts also help lower cholesterol.


Pecan Nuts

Pecans are rich in antioxidants which help prevent blocked arteries in the heart by keeping the arteries free from any plaque building up and cause angina or heart attack. Pecans are also rich in Vitamin B3 which helps the body’s energy levels to overcome fatigue .


Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are high in unsaturated fats and contain a good source of Vitamin E and that helps the immune system by stabilizing the thyroid hormone. Brazil nuts have a high content of magnesium which helps to balance any deficiency. The high content of Vitamin C assists in wound healing as well as cellular growth.



Macadamias are rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium. Although these nuts are very high in fat they still do have an advantage to our system because they contain unsaturated fats.



Pistachios are rich in Vitamin B6 which keeps the hormones well balanced . They also contain good levels of Fibre and Potassium. Pistachios  help lower cholesterol in the blood.



Hazelnuts are high in fibre, potassium and vitamin E. These nuts are known to prevent heart problems as well as prevent the risk of  Parkinson’s Disease.


The Nuts can be salted or unsalted , slightly roasted or unroasted according to your preference. Salted nuts contain a low to moderate sodium content. Not a major problem!!

I suggest you get your supply of some of the wholesome nuts of your preference, pack them in pretty storage jars in your living area or family room being accessible to all the members of the family to snack on, what could be more appealing  than a healthy mixture of scrumptious nuts. Delicious and yet so nutritional !!!!!