How to Cope With an Amputation and Keep Fit

When you are at the prime of your life , having a great business , a loving family and suddenly you are faced with an unexpected disability. Thus if you have to deal with a limb Amputation at this stage in your life it is quite traumatizing. When  an amputation occurs you would face the following :

  • Depression
  • Feelings of Dependency
  • Helplessness
  • Loss of Control of your body
  • Reduced social life
  • Physical illness, pain and many other health problems
  • Lose the will to carry on living
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Moods and Aggressive behavior

All the above problems are commonly faced after an amputation. When you are discharged from the hospital , the first approach is to deal with the feelings of your loss, meaning a part of your body is gone, its normal to feel a sense of grief and dealing with your emotions e.g. anger, sadness, helplessness, loss of control , immobility ( which can be sorted with prosthesis) etc. Fortunately the time passes and the feeling of loss becomes less intense and you would then realize that its now up to you cope and change your thinking and your mental state is the only way to overcome this loss. Surely you can cope.

So now that you are well focused , start to get physiotherapy every day to educate you in coping with any situation as an amputee. Once you realize you are getting more and more independent by learning  to cope with your daily chores in the same way you did before the amputation. Remember you have talents or career, a business empire that needs your expertise etc and you are compassionate, loving, understanding, a responsible parent so focus on the more important issues to get back into your routine.

Do not isolate yourself as this will be very depressing and you can end up with intense self pity and will need professional help to cope .

Your emotions will play an important part in your recovery and you will have days when you feel like your world has crumbled , especially when you are in pain during the recovery period. You have to hang in there and hopefully the family support will play an important part at this stage.

Your mental state is very important , so you have to tell yourself that you are going to live a normal life , travel as much as you did in the past and nothing will change your lifestyle. The more flexible and open minded you are , the quicker your body will heal and the better your life will become.

Once you recover , go to the gym , get a personal trainer if possible and do exercises which will also help you to keep fit and to make you realize you are as strong and as normal as any other person. Alternatively, get yourself into a daily routine to exercise at home on a treadmill or any other equipment that you can cope with. Be very regular with your exercise routine.

Now that you have overcome the worst , you are ready to start the procedure for a prosthetic leg. This is a process which can take a few months but it will give you back your independence and normality to move around.

In conclusion , there is a life as normal as possible after amputation so work towards that and you will be a true winner!!!!



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