The Best Exercise

We all naturally gravitate to different forms of exercise. Some like adventure and always look for a thrill, whether that involves getting out the climbing equipment and heading to a sheer cliff-face or whether that involves hitting the ski slopes. Others prefer working out in the gym, cycling or running in the park and a few more will feel much more comfortable just walking to the fridge and back a few times a day. But out of all the available types of exercise, which is going to be best?

Ultimately, the best form of exercise will be the one you enjoy the most as you are far more likely to actually keep up your exercise regime this way, and will feel far more mentally rewarded too. However, the very best exercises will be the ones that increase your stamina, strength and suppleness at the same time and therefore if you can find a regime that matches these criteria that you also enjoy, you will very much be on to a winner. It is also wise to try to undertake such sport for recreation, not for competitive reasons, as this is likely to evoke stress as opposed to relaxing you.

Running and swimming are very good all round exercises. Swimming often gets the most brownie points since there is not the worry of impact affecting joints. However, the right trainers such as Vibram barefoot running shoes can actually allow you to reduce a huge amount of this impact. Using Vibram shoes and heading out for a run is also going to help you get the benefits of fresh air and sunshine, so may well be even better than swimming in some respects.

Ultimately, the more varied your exercise is, the better. Just try where possible to do it for fun, and try to ensure you focus on strength stamina and suppleness.